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10 Things You’re Missing out On Because You’re Busy

By May 15, 2023Podcasts

It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of work and doing, doing doing. Just about everyone I speak to right now is a version of busy and it should come as no surprise that it’s not working for anyone.

In the episode today, I share some insights into the reasons why busy isn’t serving you and ten things you’re missing out on because you’re busy. Sometimes understanding what you’re missing out on can be a really effective fuel to drive change.

Overall, busy is a choice. Being busy means that you’re not doing things that are meaningful, purposeful and productive.

Those commitments we made during the pandemic, to not go to back to life the way it was pre-COVID, seem to be a distant memory. We are back on the busy treadmill and it’s back with a vengeance.

Of course, there will always be periods of time when you are flat out busy and the demands on your time and energy are more than you would like. That’s ok. I explain the importance of managing those times and how to put boundaries in place to ensure that doesn’t become the new normal.

I explain why it’s important to understand that you cannot do everything at once and how multitasking is a myth, as well as a massive load on your brain and cognitive functioning.

I reveal the reasons behind why we love being busy and how dopamine influences this. I share how busyness is intricately connected to our self-worth and is frequently viewed as a status signal. I also explain why you don’t have to be busy to be productive.

Being busy has huge implications for your health, your personal and professional life, and on your goals and dreams.

The ten things that we miss out on when we’re busy, range from that all-important intuition & well-being, through to connection and appreciating the now.

If you’re back on the busy treadmill and feeling overwhelmed, this episode is for you! Transformations don’t need a health diagnosis or other significant events to understand that life isn’t working for you.

We have one life and we have to make it work for us. I hope this inspires you to take steps, starting today, to move into a different state of being.


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