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52 Weeks of Me with Jacklyn Osborne

By January 9, 2023January 17th, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is Jacklyn Osborne, the Data Strategy Executive for Bank of America. With over 15 years of experience in data governance, client data management, change delivery, and information security in the public and private sectors, Jacklyn understands the hard work and diligence required to climb the corporate ladder and the burnout that so many women experience.

In the last few years, Jacklyn has been on a self care transformation journey from being overworked and burnt out to calm, present and happy. In this episode, we’re diving into 52 Weeks of Me, Jacklyn’s blog and podcast which document her self care transformation and how this journey has completely changed her life.

A recovering perfectionist, workaholic and people pleaser, Jacklyn’s wellness and happiness became a top priority after reaching a point of burnout. She shares the catalyst for the idea of 52 weeks of me; three questions that an executive coach asked her which completely changed her life.

Jacklyn shares her experiences over the year performing an act of self care every week. We talk about the mindset shifts she went through and the biggest aha moments. These include:

  • Understanding that it was okay to make time for herself and that this was necessary to be the best version of herself
  • Becoming a strong leader of self enables her to be a great role model to her children and the huge team of people that she leads
  • Happiness comes from the inside and it’s vital that we make decisions for the whole self, not just focus on more money and a bigger title

I know this episode will challenge and inspire you as you hear how Jacklyn decided to silence the negative internal dialogue and focus on nurturing her whole self. She shares her three pieces of advice for others wanting to embark on this transformative journey – the keys being consistency, accountability and self love. I know you’re going to get so much out of this episode.

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