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A Culture of Digital and Mental Wellbeing – Dr Kristy Goodwin

By November 30, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Dr Kristy Goodwin who has become the thought leader in the neuro-productivity space. Today we will discuss the main problems Dr Kristy is seeing as we work to counteract the culture of mental wellbeing. ‘Most people innately know that their digital habits and behaviours have perhaps slipped into the dangerous, unproductive and stressful territory’ says Dr Kristy.

There are three main reasons for our reliance on our digital devices. Firstly, during the pandemic, our digital load was increased to 13+ hours per day on digital devices. Secondly, we have an ‘always on culture’ which is causing a digital presenteeism. And finally, ‘we are working in ways which are not aligned to our neurobiology, meaning we have adopted work practices that aren’t designed to the way our brain and body operate’ Dr Kristy says. ‘These issues are causing a culture of working in marathons, rather than sprints.’ A lot of employees have struggled with their sleep during the pandemic. Research shows blue light delays the onset of sleep, and if used within 60 mins before we sleep, it can decrease our REM cycle. Dr Kristy calls it, ‘wired and tired. We may be getting the same hours of sleep but our REM sleep has been impacted and there are cascading impacts.’

‘Rest and recovery are a responsibility’ says Dr Kristy, so how do we as leaders and employers counteract this current digital burn-out? ‘If we really want to optimise people’s mental health and wellbeing, we have to swim further up-stream and look at why people are so digitally exhausted and depleted.’ As leaders, we need to ask if we have manageable workloads and structures. Output and productivity can be mapped. ‘Though by accident, many of us have adopted some unsustainable, and unhealthy digital habits, norms and behaviours’ says Dr Kristy. The organisations which will thrive in this digital age, will tackle these topics, without going back to old ways of working.

Dr Kristy says, ‘When we start to align our work schedule with our biology, our productivity increases and our wellbeing is looked after.’ Employers need to also consider the reciprocal benefits of flexible work arrangements for their employees. ‘These open conversations are so important and, establish a digital guardrail.’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Dr Kristy Goodwin Makes It Count, as we discuss our current culture of mental wellbeing.


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