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An Undervalued Strategy That Will Get You Results

By April 23, 2024Podcasts

There’s a tendency for so many leaders to constantly want more, do more and strive to be more. But what happens when we continue to forge ahead without ever slowing down?

I know firsthand how operating like this can lead to burnout. So today, I’m talking about an incredibly important yet undervalued strategy that will get you the results you want: taking pause.

While it may seem counterintuitive to stop and breathe in the midst of all the busyness, it’s often the very thing we need to be able to keep going – and improving. I talk about the benefits of pressing the pause button, such as giving your brain a break from overthinking, enabling yourself to process the chaos and reducing overwhelm.

By stepping back from the constant busyness in our work and personal lives, we create space for self-awareness and enhance our capacity for growth. I encourage you to develop a daily practice in setting aside time to breathe, reflect and reconnect with your centre.

A simple breathwork practice can work wonders to calm your nervous system, and I take you through a breathing technique you can implement in your routine to ground yourself when you’re in overwhelm.

I also share with you 5 practical tips to effectively press the pause button:

  1. Pick your quiet time
  2. Set the length of time for your pause
  3. Find your solitude
  4. Remove distractions
  5. Sit with the silence

Taking pause is not just a valuable strategy to enhance your performance and that of your team; it’s a mindset shift that will empower you to choose how you show up in the world, both as a leader and an individual.

So join me today and learn the tools and techniques to help you become the most resilient and effective leader you can be.


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