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BE By Design in 2018.

By October 10, 2017February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

DesignThe calendar has flipped to October and with that comes the race to the end of the year. We’re well into the last quarter now and for some of us the lead up to Christmas can be a challenge. The year has taken its toll and we’re tired. Though the nicer weather in the southern hemisphere does help in buoying moods.

No doubt you’ve started to think about 2018 and what needs to happen in your business, with your leadership, your team and with your life. We often think about what needs to change and what we can leverage into the New Year. Whilst some of us have down time over the Christmas period, which gives us time to think and reflect, it’s important to ensure we have a clear framework to work towards before the calendar flips to January 2018. You want to start the year ahead rather than running to catch up to those that have already hit the ground running.

To create better results we often need to challenge our mindset and the habits we have created for ourselves. We need to be clear on what enables us rather than disables us. With time being so scarce and our most valuable resource we now need to more than ever learn how to use it incredibly effectively and work a lot smarter.

The pace of business, the rate of change, the challenges and the busyness will return in 2018. These things aren’t going to change. The only thing that can change is you and how adaptable, relevant and aware you are to handle what the year could bring. Often an ear to listen and an external perspective can make all the difference.

As Peter Drucker said “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” How will you create your 2018? With colour, with flair, with courage, with commitment, a clear vision, with motivation and with support? Or will you be dictated to by busyness and reactiveness?

I am offering 10 people the opportunity to have a 30-minute chat with me to talk about what may need to stop, start, change and continue in your world so that you can hit the ground running and start 2018 in complete control.

This is 30 minutes to work through challenges, share successes and identify what you may need to implement so you can kick off 2018 with gusto. Click on this link to register

Some things to think about that could form the basis of our discussion:

  • Have you been out of alignment with your values and priorities this year?
  • Have you been stuck in the busy vortex and accepted the status quo?
  • Have you cultivated a culture of inclusion and have people working not only for you and the business vision but each other?
  • Are you managing change and need to assist the team with transitioning that change so they feel included rather than fearful?
  • Have you avoided performance conversations and the situation has now gotten out of control?
  • Do you want some ideas on how to help your team manage their busyness?
  • Is your team having relevant conversations with their clients and their network to create advocates of the brand?
  • Have you been part of and led the conversations to enable the change you want to see in your world? This could be around diversity, your career, championing and mentoring others.
  • Have you had someone to hold you accountable to your plans, work through challenges and realign actions?
  • Have you had a strong and supportive circle of influence around you or are you doing this on your own?
  • Are you making the impact you need to be making for your leadership, career and your future?

There’s so much going on, so much to do and so many distractions to steal your focus. Sometimes a good chat and someone in your corner can make all the difference and re-connect you to what is really important for your 2018.

Click on this link to register your interest and then dates and times will be forwarded to you to choose from.

Choose to be by design rather than by default!

Offer available until 30th November 2017.