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Being Your True Self at Work with Cassandra Goodman

By October 23, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is Cassandra Goodman, founder of the Centre For Self-Fidelity and the author of two insightful books, including her latest release, “Being True: How to Be Yourself at Work.” We’re talking today about being your true self in the workplace, some of the reasons why many people lose their sense of identity and how we can reconnect with our authentic selves.

Cassandra’s mission is truly inspiring. Through coaching, workshops, keynote speaking and her books, she aims to empower busy, big-hearted individuals to rediscover their true selves within the often demanding confines of the workplace.

In this conversation, Cassandra shares how, as a child, she attached her self-worth to her achievements rather than her true self, which ultimately caused her to suffer and behave in ways that contradicted her core values.

She explains why people often lose touch with their true nature, trading authenticity for attachment during their formative years. We talk about the fact that these habits and stories need to be challenged so that we can operate out of our authentic nature and not base our identity on external factors.

We also tackle the dilemma of people often feeling compelled to be someone different at work in order to fit in or advance their careers. People are often trapped in this situation due to financial pressures but Cassandra emphasises the importance of evaluating the personal cost and devising a plan to transition to a more compatible workplace.

When it comes to self-worth, recognising that we have placed too much emphasis on external factors can be confronting. Shifting from external validation to internal validation requires a leap of faith and Cassandra shares her advice on how to tap into our own energy source through playfulness and self-awareness.

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