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Breaking up with People Pleasing

By August 1, 2022Podcasts

Do you find yourself conforming to other people’s beliefs and opinions? Scared to disagree? Compromising on your standards and allowing people to cross your boundaries?

You might just be a people pleaser! I know the signs, I was one for my entire life until my late thirties. From childhood, right through to my corporate career I was unaware that I was, effectively, being a different person for different people. I was compromising my standards and priorities, and always putting others first. My anxiety levels were so high if I knew I had to disappoint or say no to someone.

It was exhausting. People pleasing is the road that will lead to burn out.

But this might just be the fork in the road where you get to choose a new direction.

In this episode, I share three tips that will help you transform from being a people pleaser into being a strong self leader. This is not only a game changer for your personal wellbeing and happiness but absolutely transformative for your personal brand.

My aim is to put you on the path of being a better leader, help you be more kind and gracious and to bring the energy back into your life.

It’s so important that we break the people pleasing cycle if we want to live a life of intention and purpose and create a legacy we’re proud of. With a simple shift in mindset, you will be able to turn your people pleasing tendencies around to be a leader of self.

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