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Building Connections for Growth with Mel Williams

By June 20, 2022June 27th, 2022Podcasts

I’m chatting with the spectacular Mel Williams. Mel finds practical and creative ways for businesses and individuals to diversify, grow and maximise their potential. Mel is guided by a growth mindset in facilitating marketing and partnership collaborations across leading tier-1 brands, NGOs and not for profits.

In this episode, Mel is taking us through building connections for growth. Mel has an incredible ability to identify opportunities for growth. She takes us through how she has developed this remarkable skill through 20 years of experience building and leading sales and marketing growth initiatives.

Mel is making it count by leading by example and being a positive role model in the workplace and for her children.

Mel has the unique ability to see through the clutter and find opportunities that others wouldn’t identify. She finds what makes the most sense (not necessarily the most popular) and works it through from a financial perspective to ensure that it will deliver.

There is so much power and potential from building a good collaboration. Mel takes us through her top 3 tips for growing strategic partnerships and connections.

Remember, don’t overcomplicate partnerships. If Nanna can’t understand it, nobody will understand it.

Mel discusses taking on a role with the grants committee with the children’s charity, Variety. They support approximately 80,000 children around Australia each year who are experiencing disadvantage, disability or illness. It is one of the best things Mel has ever done and is very close to her heart.

I’m so grateful to have Mel on the show today to share her expertise, experience and inspiration. You’ll take so much value out of her journey and knowledge for building positive connections for growth and collaboration in your life and business.

Resources mentioned:
Book: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead : Sandberg, Sheryl

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Website: Mel Williams
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