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Business by Design – Amy Pocsik

By July 27, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with founder of the Women’s Business League, Amy Pocsik.

Growing up, Amy was sassy and always had an entrepreneurial dream in her heart. She even started a lemonade stand at age 6! ‘From that moment I was hooked on starting a business and just wanted to make people smile’ says Amy.

A few years into her finance and accounting career, Amy felt she had ‘arrived.’ She had a 6-figure salary but on the inside she was unfulfilled. ‘I felt like there had to be something more. I had a deep narring that just wouldn’t go away’. This led Amy to book a lunch with her mentor, who shared the regrets of her own career. ‘It was as if she was giving me a crystal ball to look into my future’ says Amy, ‘later that evening I decided that this would not be me.’ So, Amy gave herself permission to pursue the dream in her heart.

Life has a way of placing you where you need. Falling pregnant Amy took a year off and became a mortgage broker overnight. This led her to jump into the world of networking. ‘What I found, for women, was there was a lack of opportunity and information for female entrepreneurs.’ She launched ‘Women’s Business League’ to help women design a business that will suit their lives.

‘I am so passionate about helping women create a business which supports the life they want to live’ says Amy. Most business owners are good at the main projects but not so good at the back-end. Amy says ‘Slow down and start asking some powerful questions – not about the business, but about your life.’ The magic of business lies in the freedom and, the earlier you can be intentional about those choices the faster you will receive freedom in your life.

Amy shares her top tips for achieving freedom and flexibility in your business. Ask yourself – what can you eliminate to create space? ‘No-one achieves success on their own’ so, ask how you can lean into the tasks you enjoy and what menial tasks can give to someone else. ‘A business is just a set of systems. Systems are sexy because they give you the tools to do what you want.’ Automation is the answer. Any task you are doing repetitively can be automated and optimised. ‘Let it be easy’ says Amy. Amy walks us through a quadrant exercise to identify the tasks we are able to pass off to others.

Amy was once challenged by a mentor who asked – Would you hire yourself as the CEO of your business? ‘I really had to sit with that because it made me look at my business objectively and elevate my thinking’ says Amy. She has recently started her own business mentor program called ‘Bold Moves’ where she partners with female founders to make an impact, helping them own the role of CEO professionally and personally.

Amy takes her fun very seriously. ‘I schedule in the experiences I want to bring into my life because, if you don’t it never happens. I ensure I book one thing in a quarter that is just for me so I have something to look forward to’, says Amy, ‘And also, I heavily invest in my health and wellbeing.’ Your vibe attracts your tribe so find your tribe, enjoy the connection and celebrate the achievements. ‘We have one life to live. The most precious gift you can give anybody is your time and attention’ says Amy. So, slow down, be present and enjoy the process.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Amy Pocsik Makes It Count when designing your business.


Making It Count

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