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Business Growth – ‘Get On It’

By October 17, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

Business Growth

Business Growth – 'Get On It'

We have been speaking with quite a few business owners over the last few weeks that are very frustrated and annoyed that they cannot seem to get the time to spend on their business. It’s one of the biggest challenges for business owners today and something that needs to change to achieve business growth.

The ability of a leader to lead their organization through change and challenge is paramount to success. They need to be visionary, looking 

into the future while also keeping the operations of the business humming along to achieve business growth.

But how?

There is so much happening in the business world. Just one event that impacts your business may have multiple flow on effects to your business growth that have to be managed. Being a change manager, people manager, public relations manager and marketing manager among the many talents business owners need these days can be tough. They can also become extinct in a business that is not planning to spend time on these business growth activities.

Here are three simple tips that may help you to ‘Get On It’.

  1. Make the time for Business Growth.

The language of time is an interesting one. We are constantly telling ourselves that we do not have time. The more you tell yourself, the more it will become your reality. The way you communicate with yourself is very important. You will never ‘get’ the time to do anything in business or in life. Time will not come to you. You have to make the time.

As challenging as it may be, you need to carve out some time in your day or your week to ensure you are spending time on your business. By being strategic and elevating your thoughts to being focused on the business and looking forward rather than always being entrenched in the ‘now’, you will notice a big difference in your results and your stress levels.

Start with carving out a small amount of time and ensure you plan the business growth activities you will complete during that time. Once you have that nailed, you can then build on that and before you know it, you will have created a nice balance of on the business and in the business time.

          2.  Be disciplined in Business Growth

Once you have created the time in your day to spend on the business you must execute. All of the best planning in the world is worthless unless you follow through on the business growth activities. This again can come down to mindset and understanding that this ‘on the business’ time is equally as important as ‘in the business’ and is a money making activity for you. It is equally as important as seeing a client. You the business owner needs to believe this and it needs to be communicated to your staff. Under no circumstances should you be interrupted or should appointments be made during these time.

The more you do it, the better you will get. It is the law of repetition, which out of interest in one of the 8 laws of mind and thought that affect change. Change can be difficult but if you stick at your plan for 21 days to 30 days you will find it becomes a great habit in your business and you will continue to do it.

         3.  Test and Measure for Business Growth.

It always comes back to test and measure. When you were assessing when you would be spending time ‘on’ your business you were either making an educated decision or a wild guess that the times you chose were right for your business.

The only way you will know is by doing it. If the times are working for you great. If you are continually faced with unavoidable challenges, change the time you have planned your business growth activities.

For example, few businesses would spend time ‘on’ their business on a Monday morning. That is generally a very busy time for many people, after the weekend, with client calls and appointments, sales meetings and assessing last week’s performance. However, a Tuesday afternoon may be good for example, so a couple of hours might be planned for some marketing activities.

Choose the times to work on your activities that are right for your business. Implement, test and assess. If working stick with it. If not working change it.

The key to spending time on your business is discipline and planning together with execution. Don’t get caught on the merry go round of excuses. It’s hard to get off that one! Make a decision and stick to it. You will enjoy spending time on the business and you will enjoy seeing the impact to your bottom line over time.

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