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Consistent Growth

By October 25, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

Consistency Is The Key To Business Growth

For anyone who is trying to build a muscle or lose a dress size, they will understand that consistency is the key. Consistent exercise, healthy eating habits and fluid intake will determine the results of the goal. If they do these things sporadically, the results will not be as positive.

GrowthBusiness growth is no different. Doing the key activities that will achieve you business growth on a consistent basis is the secret to your success. On your radar must be your clients, building relationships, marketing, networking, proactive business development and sales activities, coaching your team, strategy time –all the activities that will impact your outcomes significantly.

The problem is, these are the exact things that go by the wayside in business because people are busy caught in the business and reacting to what is happening around them. And with them goes business growth and the ability to grow a sustainable and healthy business.

Business Growth Activity

So how do you ensure that you are executing these business growth activities on a consistent basis when you do not have the time to scratch yourself? It is challenging I will give you that. But one thing I will assure you is, if you do get the balance right, you will not only be achieving better business growth and outcomes, you will enjoy your business a whole lot more.

Business Growth Tips

Here are 5 tips to business growth consistency:

  1. Create your plan – sit down and nut out exactly what it is you are trying to achieve under each business growth activity headline. Clarity is they key; you need to understand what your goal is.
  2. Allow the time to execute the activities that will achieve your plan. How much time will you need to complete these tasks and what is the frequency?
  3. Diarise the time and ensure you regard these activities as important as a client meeting.
  4. Ensure you have small chunks of time dedicated to these tasks, including the preparation (for example if you are doing a newsletter, it’s not simply about sending it, you need time to research, write and have it proofed) on a consistent basis. This might be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  5. Be disciplined. Regardless of what happens, be disciplined to your plan. There will always be other things to do and challenges presented to test your commitment to your task.  And yes, some days, your best laid plans will be blown out of the water, however if you achieve your plan 80% of the time, I can assure you better results than if you had no plan at all.

Try these and encourage your team to plan their activities also, and notice the difference to your business growth and outcomes.

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