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Creating Employee Advocates – Lucy Bingle

By November 9, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Lucy Bingle, CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency. Lucy’s team help clients harness the power of LinkedIn. They work with CEOs, Directors and industry leaders connecting the organisation to their target audience through thought leadership. She is the Founder of LinkedInduction an on-demand LinkedIn training program for employees.

In Australia, 40% of employees are considering leaving their position next year which is forcing organisations to consider how they can retain and attract employees. ‘I have clients knocking on my door all week wondering how to attract the right talent to their business’ says Lucy. Employees and your leadership team are your biggest brand advocates – employees have 10 times the following of a brand and, 92% of people accept personal recommendations. ‘Your people are a representation of your brand and so are their LinkedIn profiles. So, we need to empower your people and train them to represent the brand and, showcase the organisation’s culture in the right way.’

Lucy says, ‘The goal is to get the tone of voice, and the storytelling from the leader’s perspective but also remembering to bring in the purpose of the organisation’ says Lucy, ‘but when we do it and do it well, it just sings.’ As a result, you will attract talent, extend brand reach, create lead generation and encourage internal leadership demonstration. Ensure the tone of voice, topics and communication are consistent in their message. ‘We do an equal amount of work in both the corporate and small business setting’ says Lucy. This approach is applicable to any organisation of any size.

Lucy is passionate about aligning employees to their brand and giving them the tools and training to help attract top talent and support the brand on LinkedIn. So, what are Lucy’s top tips for creating employee advocates? ‘Your people are your biggest fans’ says Lucy ‘give them the tools and the techniques to be able to tell those stories in an authentic and human way.’ Education, a clear strategy and underpinning that with a great content marketing strategy. ‘The moment you get your leadership behind this strategy, it will explode.’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Lucy Bingle Makes It Count.


Making It Count
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