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Creating the Simple and Impactful ‘WOW’

By August 24, 2020Articles

It was a cold and grey Monday morning when I headed out on my walk last week. Mask on, I was walking briskly to warm up. I decided to call in and check my post office box not expecting too much. To my surprise there was a parcel in there. I very excitedly grabbed it out to see whom it was from. My reaction was ‘WOW!

The parcel contained a card and little present and was sent from my Financial Planner. Said parcel wasn’t for me but it was for my husband who celebrated his 50th birthday that week. Whilst I didn’t open the parcel, I was suitably delighted by the thoughtfulness of this gift. It really made my day and my walk continued with a buoyed mood and a spring in my step, forgetting about how cold it was!

This act of kindness reminds me that it is all about the little things in life. The impact wasn’t about the gift itself, it was about the thought and effort behind it, especially in these challenging times. It was about the simple fact that someone cared and wanted my husband to know he was though of on his special day. That meant a lot to me too. That is wow factor and that is outstanding client service, or more to the point, care.

The moments that are least expected make such a huge difference to a person. It doesn’t need to involve a gift, it might be a phone call, a text or email or public thank you or acknowledgement for work well done in the workplace. It’s the thought and effort behind the action that counts.

How can you create a ‘wow’ for someone today or this week?