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Dressing with Intention: How Your Style Can Connect You to Your Inner Power with Lucy Owens

By May 1, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is the fabulous Lucy Owens, an expert personal stylist and image consultant for female professionals and leaders. Having helped countless women to overcome the struggle of choosing the right outfits for the workplace, Lucy understands the immense power of looking and feeling confident.

Having worked in the fashion industry and the corporate world, Lucy knows firsthand the ripple effect that dressing with intention has on the ability for women to speak up, be seen, and be heard and that’s exactly what we’re talking about today.

In this conversation, Lucy shares how she discovered her true calling, to help women build their confidence and utilise their style as a tool in the workplace. She shares how being conscious of her style helped to propel her forward in her corporate career, showing up as her authentic self and demonstrating that she was ready for the next role.

We talk about the importance of thinking about how we want to be seen and intentionally crafting a congruent message through our visual presentation. Your style not only communicates your mood and personality but also your values, credibility and authority.

As we dive into this topic, Lucy talks about the power of self awareness, knowing your value and loving yourself as you are and dressing in a way that honours that person. When we do this, we connect with our inner power and look and feel amazing.

We also talk about style archetypes, what they are and how understanding them can help identify your personal style elements. Stay tuned toward the end of the episode when Lucy shares her top tips on how to create an intentional wardrobe. You won’t shop the same way again!


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