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Drum Roll Please……….Some Exciting News Revealed!

By November 27, 2023Podcasts

I’m absolutely thrilled to share this special episode with you today because I’ve got some exciting news to share! Today marks the prelaunch of my brand new book, “You Always Have a Choice: How to Embrace Change, Build Unwavering Resilience, and Lead a Life You Love.” This book has been nearly six months of hard work, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. In this episode, I’m sharing a sneak peek into what the book is about and why it matters so much to me.

The last few months have been significantly challenging for me, but during this time, I’ve been all the more grateful for the variety of tools I have up my sleeve to help me get through. Life may bring hardships, but our response to them is a testament to our character and leadership and this is exactly what my new book is about.

You Always Have a Choice is my guide to becoming a true leader of yourself, and from there, extending that leadership to your career, business, and relationships. The book is a journey that begins with addressing overwhelm, a feeling many of us can relate to. I share techniques for managing the juggle effectively and delve into the concept of being “busy” with a new perspective, knowing that you have a choice in how you respond to busyness.

The book also covers embracing change. Whether it’s a life event, workplace shift, or universal change beyond your control, I share techniques to help you navigate change successfully. I also explore the power of mindset and choosing a mindset that becomes your superpower, driving your behaviours and, consequently, your results.

Identifying your values is another crucial topic that I cover in the book. Knowing what you stand for and setting boundaries in life is something that many people struggle with. Yet these skills are vital to living authentically. My book guides you through these processes, ultimately leading to embracing courage and confidence, qualities I believe we must actively work on. Finally, I write about celebrating your success, a step that many leaders forget but one that fuels our confidence and wellbeing.

I’m so excited to get this book into the hands of many. Stay tuned toward the end of the episode where I spill the beans on the special bonuses you’ll receive when you preorder. Remember, no matter what life throws your way, you always have a choice in how you respond.

Pre-order You Always Have A Choice here

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