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Embracing Your Story as a Single Mother with Jacinta Tynan

By June 6, 2022Podcasts

I’m chatting with the multitalented Jacinta Tynan today. Jacinta is a highly regarded former Australian news presenter, journalist, author, MC, speaker and life coach. Jacinta has recently published her 5th book, ‘The Single Mother Social Club: Inspiration and advice on embracing single parenthood’ which we explore in our chat.

Jacinta talks about embracing your story as a single mother. Single motherhood is not about being less than or the idea that you’re not doing life in the right way – it’s an empowered lifestyle and choice.

Jacinta makes it count by trying every day to be a better mum to her boys by being more present, conscious and tuned in to their needs.

Jacinta was inspired to write her new book to shift the stigma around single mothers. She interviewed 40 women for the book and shared her own anecdotes. She had the aim to reassure women that being a single parent is an emboldening life choice and will be the role of their lives.

You’re not alone and it’s not the circumstances that cause suffering, it’s our reaction to the circumstances. You can control the narrative and the stories you tell about your life. Jacinta creates her life from her hopes and dreams, and not from other people’s expectations.

Through writing her own narrative, Jacinta has created space and found an amazing community that resonates with the energy she’s putting out. Meditation is incredibly important for Jacinta and she makes sure she dedicates 20 minutes to the start and end of every day.

Jacinta’s advice on the importance of creating time to craft practices that support you in your journey will resonate with everyone. Check out her book to find out more!

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