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Ep 31: Paula Glynn – It’s All About the Conversion

By November 26, 2019
Paula Glynn is my guest on the podcast today.
Paula is the Search Specialist at PixelStorm, a boutique digital agency in Richmond. For over a decade, Paula has helped businesses across Australia boost their bottom line with effective marketing campaigns and website strategies. While the web has changed dramatically over that time, the fundamentals of Paula’s approach have remained the same: matching her client’s objectives with the needs of an online audience.
Paula is a regular speaker at industry events, offering actionable advice to businesses looking to grow with digital strategies. She specialises in CRO & Online Lead Generation using Google Ads, SEO and more.
We chat about:
  • CRO – what it means and the benefits?
  • The biggest mistakes people are making in this space
  • The top 5 things that need to be considered when thinking about a digital strategy.
Enjoy this chat with Paula