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Ep03: Rob Rankin – A Force for Good

By November 5, 2018
Rob Rankin is the Principal and Founder of Rankin Business Lawyers. He is an innovative, socially conscious entrepreneur, that has created a national, virtual law firm, which has as its primary purpose to be a force for good. This firm has more than doubled in size in the last 12 months and its growth shows no signs of abating.
Rob has basically thrown a rock at the conventional law firms and created a business a culture that is very 21st century and has already been recognised by Forbes Magazine. This conversation is so very interesting as Rob has created something where he would like to work and that his team certainly agree with.
In this conversation we discuss:
· Disrupting an industry by creating a virtual team and the challenges in doing this
· The importance of culture and empowerment
· The importance of recruitment
· What small business owners should be thinking about to protect their business in a rapidly changing world