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Ep12: Maureen Kyne – Prevention is Better Than Cure.

By March 5, 2019March 26th, 2021Podcasts

On the Making It Count Podcast today I have Maureen Kyne, founder, and Director of Maureen Kyne and Associates.

Maureen is a seasoned investigator of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment claims; real-world experience that underpins highly effective bullying prevention programs she delivers across multiple sectors in metropolitan and regional Australia.
With extensive experience driving behavioural and cultural change, Maureen’s focus ensures your most important asset – your ‘people’ – don’t end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Including Jail.

Her Leadership training helps senior managers gain a better understanding of their self-awareness and the impact their behaviour has on themselves and others. Maureen’s range of services includes confidant, consulting, bullying advisory, training, and crisis intervention.

This topic isn’t a sexy one but this is a very important conversation given the significant and needed change in this space and the zero tolerance that is being adopted across the board. We talk about:

  • Why this needs to be a focus for business, organisations, and leaders
  • The impact on people from bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination
  • How you can prevent these issues happening on your business or organisation.

Maureen’s passion for her work shines through this Podcast as does her expertise. This is a must listen for all leaders in business.

Maureen Kyne & Associates