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Ep13: Michael Haynes – Driving Growth & Success Through B2B

By March 19, 2019
Joining me on the podcast today is Michael Haynes. Michael is a B2B Customer Strategy Specialist and is the founder of his advisory firm for Start-Ups and SMEs, Listen Innovate Grow.
His interest and passion is helping start-ups and SMEs to build and grow successful businesses by enabling them to sell to other businesses. To that end, last year, Michael published his first book, Listen Innovate Grow: A Guidebook for Start-Ups and SMEs to Acquire and Grow Business Customers
Michael has over 20 years’ experience working with companies ranging from microbusinesses to large corporates to develop and implement customer driven strategies to drive business growth. Michael has worked with start-ups and SMEs across a range of industries including Professional Services, IT and Transportation. He is an advisor with Startup Canada as well as a mentor with Stone & Chalk, which is one of the leading accelerator/incubator programs for start-ups in Australia.
Michael is super passionate and an absolute expert in this space. You will hear his passion and expertise shine through on this podcast as he shares some very pragmatic tips.
We chat about:
  • The key success strategies for success in the B2B space
  • The explore the concept of Listen, Innovate and Grow for B2B’s
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make in this space
This is high energy and action packed! You’ll need a notepad and pen for this one as there are lots of gems shared. Enjoy listening to Michael.