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Ep23: Andy Fell – What Winners Do.

By August 6, 2019March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Joining me today is Andy Fell.

Andy is the founder of GiFT631. Andy’s expertise is focused on helping people, teams and businesses reach their potential by creating a high-performance culture, winning habits and routines.

Andy has 20 years of senior leadership experience having operated at GM level at Westpac, RBS/Nat West and St.George, focused predominantly on large, people-centric consumer businesses.

Andy is super passionate about people living their best life and generously shares his story throughout the podcast and the power of a winning a mindset, habits, and routines. His approach is powerful because Andy keeps things simple, which is something I do love about his work.

We chat about:

  • GiFT631 and how his work makes a difference to so many
  • Andy’s tips on how to stay relevant as a leader
  • His habits for ensuring busy doesn’t control him
  • Some simple and very effective success habits for leaders

Grab a pen as there are lots of gems shared in this podcast.

Andy Fell