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Ep26: Lisa McAdam – Preventing Domestic Violence

By September 17, 2019
Joining me today is Lisa McAdams.
Lisa is a recognised and trusted leader, authority and advocate in the domestic family violence space.
Lisa is the founder of Safe Space Workplace. Because she believes Safety in the Home and workplace is everybody’s right. She know with the right systems and education in place, businesses can create a space where employees know how to support a colleague and are comfortable being uncomfortable when having the conversation with a victim of abuse.
Lisa is also the author of Domestic Violence Changing Culture Saving Lives. She is changing lives for people in this space through the power of her story and enabling people to recognise what is really happening in their lives through using her lived experience.
Lisa works tirelessly on raising awareness, expanding the conversation, widening the circle to bring real and sustained social change through primary prevention of domestic violence.
This is a super important chat where Lisa and I cover:
  • How Lisa is making a difference in this space
  • Why its important for all organisations to think deeper about this issue and beyond having a DV policy in place
  • What to do if one of your employees or friends/family is experiencing a domestic violence situation
  • How Lisa can help your organisation and your team.
Enjoy the important insights you will get from listening to this podcast.