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Ep27: Dr Kate Barrelle – Supporting our Disadvantaged Youth

By October 1, 2019
Joining me on the podcast today is Dr. Kate Barrelle & Magic the Therapy Dog.
Kate is the Chief Impact Officer & Co-founder of STREAT. STREAT is a social enterprise that offers disadvantaged youth aged 16-24 a supported pathway from the street to a sustainable livelihood. STREAT is ten years old this year, and to date has supported over 1500 young people to thrive with a healthy self, home and work. Unfortunately, the need for STREAT is increasing with over ¼ of the homeless people in Australia being youth. And that for STREAT is hard to swallow.
Magic plays a very special role at STREAT and works hard to keep things calm and is able to diffuse high-stress situations just by being her gorgeous self.
With Kate’s background being a Forensic & Clinical Psychologist, Kate’s career has centred around people and their well-being, dealing with many complex issues and providing confidential counselling to a wide range of individuals and groups. In 2004 Kate undertook a Vincent Fairfax Fellowship and in 2008 was selected as one of Australia’s leading 1000 thinkers and attended the Prime Minister’s 2020 Summit.
This is an important conversation and one that will get you thinking:
We chat about:
  • STREAT and how they make a difference for disadvantaged youth
  • A story from a past graduate
  • Why social enterprise must be commercially viable
  • The different ways you can support STREAT
Enjoy this podcast with Kate.