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Fear based leadership

By October 11, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership

I know many leaders who choose to lead through fear. They intimidate their staff, they bully them, they control them and when they walk into the office, there is instant tension. This type of leadership certainly does not encourage open conversations, two way feedback, innovation or creativity. It is a really sad place to be when working in an environment like that.

These types of leaders are cowards. In the new economy that we are emerging into, these leaders will not last. If you think that you can lead this way and continue to get results, you are sadly mistaken. Fear based leadership is a small persons way to lead. It is simply leading through title as I use the word 'leader' very loosely in this context. 

To have a member of your team too scared to come and have a conversation with you is not a sign of power but weakness. It is an indication of insecurity forcing you to control your environment so not to be challenged but to remain in your comfort zone.

There is nothing to admire in this style of leadership. You probably won't have to think too hard to think of a Leader like this. It's ok. Their time has come – watch them fall. You already are!