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From Pharmacist to Successful Entrepreneur with Anna Barwick

By June 27, 2022Podcasts

My guest today is the pharmacy practice lecturer in the School of Rural Medicine at the University of New England, Anna Barwick. Anna is the founder of PharmOnline, the first pharmacist-led telehealth service in Australia. She has also won the 2022 NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year, 2022 NSW Minerals Council Regional Woman of the Year, 2021 NSW Pharmacist of the Year and many more.

Anna is making it count through her passion for improving the health of all Australians and, in particular, leaving a legacy of helping rural and remote Australia.

In this episode, Anna talks about her journey to starting her business, the challenges that rural and regional Australia face in the health industry, her many awards, the importance of a positive mindset, and what’s next on her master plan.

Anna shares how her grandmother passed away in her sleep from undiagnosed heart failure. Going through this experience, Anna wanted to dedicate herself to preventing this from happening to another family. She decided to pursue pharmacy as it is focused on prevention, improves quality of life and helps people to understand medication and non-medication ways of dealing with health conditions.

The limitations in rural areas and accessibility issues of highly skilled health professionals led Anna to build her business PharmOnline. As a practitioner, Anna had to learn about the business side of running a business and find the time to fit everything into her very busy workdays. The business is absolutely flourishing and I can’t believe it wasn’t around sooner!

The things that internally motivate Anna are where she keeps her focus and finds her motivation to keep going, these include improving healthcare access, supporting women, and the challenges in rural and remote areas.

Anna has been highly awarded over many years and she takes us through what they mean for her and the pathways they have opened up. She encourages women to pursue their passions, take advantage of all opportunities that come along and understand that if she can do it, anyone can do it.

You’ll find so much value in Anna’s journey and passion to improve the health of so many Australians. After listening, head over to PharmOnline to find out more about how they can help guide you through any health concerns today.

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