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From Rock Bottom to Finding True Purpose with Jo Wagstaff

By April 16, 2024Podcasts

How do we work in a way that is sustainable and avoids burnout, while still being successful? This is a difficult question for women to answer, with a 2023 survey of Australian working women finding that 54% reported increased levels in stress. Another 30% experienced ongoing burnout and 16% left their jobs in 2022 citing lack of flexibility.

Today, I’m joined by the wonderful Jo Wagstaff, internationally renowned leadership coach and speaker. She has worked with many premier Australian and global firms to support thousands of professionals to embrace the power of conscious, authentic leadership. Jo has recently written her book, Lead Like You, a roadmap for women to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives. In this episode, we’re talking about just that.

Jo takes us through her earlier years of working in the corporate world, where she seemingly had it all. However, a pivotal moment in her life (at a party hosted by James Packer, no less!), along with a season of loss and grief, caused her to step away. We hear about the following messy years, where she became a person and mother she wasn’t proud of, and how she made the conscious decision to change her life.

We talk about the limiting beliefs formed in childhood that often drive us to overwork as adults. Jo talks about how writing her book helped her unpack how her experiences shaped her, and how she found self-acceptance on the journey.

So many of us struggle to find true meaning in our lives. We’re overloaded by society’s expectations on how to be, work and raise children. Jo talks about the importance of self-reflection, boundary-setting and values alignment to combat this. She also believes it’s not just about leaning in; it’s about knowing when to step back and breathe.

There’s no question that this world needs successful women. Those breaking glass ceilings, sitting at the top of the decision making tree and helping to develop the world that we want to live in. For Jo, it’s about how to make them successful in a way that still feels meaningful.

Her motto? Know yourself, care for yourself and be yourself. What is really driving you? As Jo says: our greatest strengths, when overplayed, become our greatest weaknesses. So join us today as we uncover the secrets to combating burnout and finding our true, authentic purpose in life.


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