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Getting Off the Conveyor Belt: It’s Okay To Quit Your High Profile Career

By July 3, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is Alex Ansaldo, a former mechanical engineer, transdermal drug delivery researcher, medical doctor, and now the lead graphic designer at Bamby Media, Australia’s largest independent podcast production company run by his wife, Brianna.

Alex has such an inspiring story of how he has been the leader in his own life, making big changes in his career to get off the conveyor belt and prioritise happiness and time with his young family. I know so many of you are going to resonate with our conversation today.

In this episode, Alex shares his journey into mechanical engineering through to becoming a medical doctor and the years of unfulfillment he experienced while working long hours and not being able to be present with his children.

Alex shares the definable moments that caused him to take a step back and think about what he really wanted in life. This process of evaluation eventually led Alex to leave medicine and take over domestic duties, enjoying the opportunity to make up for lost time with his kids and enabling Brianna to focus on growing her business. Alex shares how he then transitioned into working with Brianna, his parent’s response to this and why he’s never looked back.

We talk about the feedback Alex received from his peers and family when he decided to leave medicine and the journey he has been on to detach from the identity of being a doctor. Sharing his advice to others who aren’t happy in their career but fearful of taking the next step, Alex encourages a healthy dose of nihilism to look at the bigger picture and think about what you want your life to be about. We talk about the importance of understanding the legacy you leave behind, being present in what you are doing and why we shouldn’t hold ourselves back from pursuing the things in life that bring joy and happiness.


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