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We’re at the Half Way Point. 3 Critial Headlines for Leaders to Check in With..

By June 27, 2017February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

Friday brings the financial year to a close and also completes the first half of the calendar year. Yes, 180 days done! Winter solstice is past us now and before we know it we’ll be heading into spring. Time seems to fly by so fast which is why it’s so critical in today’s business environment to stay focused and have clarity on what you’re trying to achieve and why it’s important. Otherwise you can get swept away with the time very quickly and wonder what you have achieved rather than being in control.

At this critical point in the year, you need to be assessing if the plans and actions you have been executing to date are the right ones to get you to where you want to be.

Here are 3 critical headlines to check in with and use as reflection for your first half of the year in an effort to gain clarity on what you’re doing well, what you can leverage and what needs to change.


  1. Where are you year to date results (YTD) sitting?
  2. If you’re behind, how do you close the gap?
  3. If you’re ahead, how do you leverage?
  4. Do your plans need to evolve, bend or change?
  5. Are your plans still relevant?


  1. Is your culture supporting your team? Is it inclusive, collaborative, and engaging?
  2. How is each individual operating? Who needs support? Who needs rewarding?
  3. Is your team getting stuck in busy?
  4. Are you letting any individuals get away with poor behaviours that are impacting on performance or culture?
  5. Do you team know how they are performing at an individual level and are you having the conversations you need and should be having with them?


  1. How has your attitude been? What impact are you making?
  2. Have you been operating in line with your values and priorities?
  3. Have you been curious and listening and observing to what is happening around you?
  4. Are you the best version of you that you can be and are you equipped to sustain the pace and demands of the next 6 months?
  5. Have you been predominantly reactive or proactive?


As I shared in my blog for the end of 90 days, based on the response to these questions you can then move to another simple but powerful exercise to set yourself up for even better outcomes. Simply called ‘stop, start, change and continue’, this activity can, and will if you put the time in, assist you in navigating your way through the frantic pace of business with clarity on they key things that will make the biggest difference to your results.

Stop, Start, Change











Write it down, get clear and get going! Do one of these exercises for each headline.

Whether you are a team of one or a team of fifty, taking the time to stop, reflect and reset is super powerful.

Get your team involved, use as much collective intelligence as you can and set yourself up for a super last half of the year.