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Have the Confidence to Just Do It Anyway with Kathryn Elliot

By October 16, 2023Podcasts

Today I’m joined by Kathryn Elliott, an inspiring woman who made a bold career change in her forties. Kathryn, who is now one of Australia’s leading binge-drinking and alcohol coaches, left her former career in PR and media in 2020 to establish her business, the Alcohol Mindset Coach. In this episode, we delve into Kathryn’s remarkable journey, her motivation for making a career shift, the challenges she faced, and the skills she brought from her previous career to succeed in her new venture.

Kathryn’s journey began with a significant moment of self-reflection at the age of 47 when she decided to reassess her relationship with alcohol. She recognised that her drinking habits didn’t align with her values, leading her to stop drinking in 2019. However, just six weeks later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which further prompted her to question her life’s purpose and career choices.

After 25 years in media and PR, Kathryn felt there was more to life than her successful career. She decided to use her personal experience of changing her drinking habits and battling breast cancer as a catalyst for a career change. Kath talks about how this shift led her to become an alcohol coach and her biggest challenge – attracting clients.

Many women in their forties have a desire to change careers but aren’t sure how they can transfer their knowledge and experience into their new venture. Kath shares how her expertise in communication, writing and media relations, along with a network of contacts, proved beneficial. However, she discovered that her true strength lay in sharing her story personally and vulnerably. This authentic approach allowed her to connect with others, helping them see themselves in her journey and inspiring them to make positive changes in their own lives.

One significant lesson Kathryn learned during her transition was the importance of staying true to herself. She shares her journey of attempting to conform to marketing strategies that didn’t align with her values and how she realised the importance of authenticity. For her, the key to success was finding channels that felt genuine and authentic to attract clients and surrounding herself with a supportive network.

If you are contemplating a career change, I hope this episode inspires you to embrace it with courage and determination. This life stage offers a wealth of experience and wisdom and Kathryn’s story serves as a testament that with the right mindset, support network, and authenticity, anyone can thrive in a new career, regardless of their age. It’s never too late to pursue your passions, find your purpose, and make a meaningful impact


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