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How I Found My Voice in My Darkest Moments

By April 9, 2024Podcasts

Do you find it hard to speak up in the workplace, as well as in your personal life? If so, it’s clear that you are not alone.

Studies show that the rate of women experiencing burnout at work has grown to 42%, with men at 30%. Why is this happening? I believe that a huge part of the problem is that people are too tired or lack the confidence to speak up for themselves when too much is being expected of them.

Today, I’m talking about the incredibly important idea of digging deep and using your voice. I share with you how I did that in one of my darkest moments, and encourage you to use your own voice to lead you through life’s challenges and towards opportunity.

In my previous roles as a leader, I noticed that if I didn’t raise some of the issues I was observing, I’m not sure that the people impacted by them would have spoken up. It made me wonder: Did I not have the level of trust with them? Or is speaking up just something that they’re just not used to?

If you’re struggling to use your voice to address an issue, I encourage you to look inside and ask yourself why. Whether it’s societal, cultural or a confidence issue, there will be something deep down for you that is preventing you from taking a stand. I also talk about the practical side of sharing your message, such as giving it at an unemotional time and with a healthy amount of detachment.

I take you through three tips to help you effectively position yourself in using your voice authentically and building trust:

  1. Know what you do and don’t stand for
  2. Connect to your values
  3. Take action using practical strategies

Speaking up for yourself isn’t easy at first, but remember: practice is progress. If you just start doing it, whether it’s at home, work or out in society, you’ll soon feel empowered to use your voice where and when it really matters.


Resources mentioned: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

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