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How Manifesting Can Level Up Your Leadership – Personally and Professionally with Zoe Macfarlane

By April 24, 2023May 8th, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is Zoe Macfarlane – creative writer, intuitive coach and energy healer. Zoe helps her clients shift limiting blocks and beliefs in order to strengthen their connection to their purpose, passion and spirituality. Her mission is to help people level up and open up to receive more magic daily.

I first met Zoe at the Eden Retreat in Queensland last year and I’ve been so keen to chat with her about the power of manifesting, particularly the ways it can level up leadership.

Zoe demystifies manifesting, explaining that it’s simply goal setting plus energy. Everything in the universe has frequency and vibration and Zoe reminds us of the simple power of spending some time visualising and imagining your ultimate goals.

We are always manifesting. Zoe explains the importance of a positive mindset and gratitude and gives us some tips on how to break free from ego and the negativity bias that we have in Western culture. Intuition also plays a big role in manifesting and Zoe gives us some tips on how to get better at listening to and acting on our intuition.

The universe always rewards bravery. Zoe reminds us how important it is to take action steps that feel good for you, even if they run off on an unbeaten path. Good manifesting centres around flow and surrender and Zoe explains that it’s important to let go of the drive to do everything yourself. If you’re allowing flow, you’re allowing yourself to be open to different places, people and things to help you get what you want

How do leadership and manifesting interact? We discuss the power of positivity and bravery when leading by example. Zoe also shares a trick that will help you take control of your energy and not let others drag it down.

Zoe also shares her top three tops for manifesting – they are brilliant!

If you’ve always wanted to try manifesting and haven’t been sure where to start, or you’d like some tips on how to reach that next level of success in life and business, this conversation is what you’ve been waiting for!


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Eden Health Retreat

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