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Insight into an Extraordinary Leader – Rachael Robertson.

By April 28, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Rachael Robertson is an International conference and event speaker, Best selling author of “Leading on the Edge – Extraordinary stories from the most extreme workplace on the planet”, Antarctic expedition leader, Youngest ever Chief Ranger at 32 (Victorian National Parks), MBA (Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne). I think you’ll agree she’s quite extraordinary.

Rachael’s work is in response to a massively growing demand in the business world to get real, practical tools backed up by solid theory from someone who has actually led, and led successfully.

After 15 years leading diverse and remote teams and business units, she took the jump and lead the 58th annual expedition to Antarctica. It was a tough, gruelling and exhausting year, but ultimately extremely rewarding and fruitful. The intensity of this leadership role, where the leader is on-duty all day, every day, for 12 months with no respite, gave her the opportunity to road test her leadership ideas the hard way – without the luxury of peers, a desk or any way out! It was a ‘leadership laboratory’ in the most extreme, hostile environment on Earth.

This is an awesome chat with someone who is so authentic and engaging and very humble!

We chat about:

  • Her role as leader on the 58th expedition to Antartica
  • Tips for leaders to successfully navigate through this Covid-19 crisis
  • Her new book Respect Trumps Harmony
  • Where her fierce determination comes from


Rachael Robertson





Can you tell us a bit about your journey and how you got to where you are today.

You led the 58th expedition to Antarctica, which is phenomenal. You