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Leadership Press Release – Valentine’s Day – Is Your Business Engaged?

By February 7, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Valentine’s Day – Is Your Business ‘Engaged’?

Employee Engagement levels has reduced significantly around the world. Research completed by Hewitt Consulting shows the worst decline in staff engagement levels in 15 years. How can business leaders use Valentine’s Day to buck the trend?

It is no secret that since 2008, Business Leaders have faced into unrelenting and unprecedented business demand and rapid change. With the pressure to “keep up” and try to stay ahead, it has been at the expense of the relationships with their staff. Leaders are in crisis. Staff has suffered and is feeling it now more than ever. According to leadership expert Julie Hyde of Distinctive Leadership “the one thing that employees want from their leader is connection and direction and these are the two things they are not getting right now which is contributing to dissatisfaction in the workplace. A recent survey of our database across Australia revealed one of the biggest problems in leadership today is poor communication. Business Leaders have the opportunity to start getting this right and showing their staff how much they value them.”

Ms Hyde says the current Leadership Crisis has been difficult for leaders and staff alike. Business Leaders can use ‘Valentine’s Day’, the day of showing how much you care, as a great opportunity to surprise staff and show them how much they value them and the contribution they make to their business. Ms Hyde says “It’s a great excuse to demonstrate to staff how valuable they are and say a simple thank you in an appropriate and tasteful way. Business Leaders will be surprised what a difference a simple things like this can make to morale and engagement levels if this demonstration of appreciation is the start of a revitalized approach to improve employee engagement levels and communication.”

Distinctive Leadership are leadership experts. Ms Hyde established Distinctive Leadership to provide more time, more profits and more power to frustrated and exhausted business leaders who do not have adequate leadership skills to lead a team of people which is a common issue faced by small business in Australia. Distinctive Leadership achieves this through their two-pronged approach. Strategic and tactical solutions, including a sustainable structure they can implement for ultimate success. Firstly developing the skills and communication style of the leader, secondly building a high performing and engaged team with a winning culture and the moving to the marketplace. Thirdly, providing a first class client service proposition to strengthen relationships and increase sales.

Ms Hyde said 'In many cases we can help small business grow by as much as 175% simply by improving their leadership, communication and staff engagement strategies.’

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