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Business GrowthImagine a world where leaders operated fuelled with courage, conviction and a clear vision. Where they made decisions quickly, without procrastination or wanting to make the popular decision. Where they stood up for what they stood for, communicated with ease and grace and behaved in an engaging way.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? And for some of you this is your reality. For others, it’s simply a pipe dream while they now reflect on how their leader is and the doldrums that lay ahead of them!

Following on from last months “It’s Your Fault” where we looked at the reasons why people are behaving badly in your business, fear is one of the main reasons why this happens. Leaders seem now so fearful of the ‘what if’. What if he leaves? What if it turns into a fight? What if they just take a sick day? What if they sabotage the business?

What if?

Well what if they do? At least you will know where you stand and where they stand in the situation and can make a decision accordingly. And more than likely, it will not turn into a fight if you plan your conversation and don’t do it when emotional. It could be the best thing for your business if he does leave? After all, do you want someone in your business that is not playing by the rules and holding others back?

In a business world that is rapidly changing, that is volatile and the pressure on margins is relentless, people are looking or leaders to stand up and manage through courage. They are looking for leading to establish and protect a winning culture in the business; they are looking for direction and reinforcement that they are on the right track. They are looking for inspiration and the comfort that they are in good hands. They need this from you.

So all I ask is that you man or woman up! Certainly consider the consequences and have contingencies in place to handle outcomes. All good leaders have this. But please, please, for your sake and your team, stop leading through fear and take the more resourceful approach and lead with courage. Your people and your bottom line will be thankful.