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Leading on the Edge – Holly Ransom

By September 21, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with powerful speaker and master Questioner, Holly Ransom.  ‘I get up with the view that it is absolutely within our grasp to make tomorrow better and, there is a responsibility upon each and every one of us to play a role in that’ says Holly. Curiosity and learning play a huge role in our effectiveness as leaders.  ‘The inquisitive mindset is a muscle we all need to engage to grow and learn.’

We, in our modern era, are always busy. Holly challenges leaders to approach this differently – ‘One of the challenges encumbered on each leader is the busy mindset’ says Holly, ‘we need to be setting intent and structure while maintaining some degree of self-reflection and, the notion of continuous improvement.’ Holly goes on to explain how we can ‘manage energy, not time’ which is one of the most profound changes to the way that she has structured her own life. ‘It’s about finding the small ways to start new habits’ says Holly.

Holly shares how her grandmother significantly influenced her personal journey to who she is today.  Her biggest lesson; ‘If you walk past it, you tell the world it’s ok.’ It was a formative lesson for Holly and a great example of what we need to do as leaders. Holly says ‘when I look back everything I have done, it is because of something I have encountered and not been willing to walk past.’ She shares how we too can re-frame our thinking to facilitate this change in mindset.

‘Leadership is not match-fit – the game has changed.’ The leadership model from the events of 2020 with the pandemic has changed everything. ‘It is no longer a command-and-control world’ says Holly ‘we now have a very different relationship with people and we need to adjust accordingly.’ She shares with us how as leaders we need to constantly ‘learn, unlearn and relearn.’ Holly has interviewed the likes of Barack Obama and Richard Brandon and shares some of their key attributes. ‘There is a clear sense of self, vision and purpose’ she says, ‘They have done the work on who they are and, have a grounded sense of self in a way that feels humble but incredibly resilient.’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Holly Ransom Makes It Count.


Making It Count
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