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Leading Your Career in Challenging Times – Kylie Jasinski

By May 12, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Kylie is a respected, senior recruitment professional in the Australian Property, Real Estate, Development and Construction industry.

A veteran in her field, she has racked up over 15 years’ experience partnering with clients in leading property groups, project management firms, building companies & developers; all with the goal to strategically connect candidates with the future employers.

With extensive knowledge in the Australian Property & Construction sectors, paralleled with a particular expertise in Project Management, Kylie sought to create a company that connected truly specialised talent with companies looking to make a positive change.

And so, established in early 2019, Prime Recruitment & Consulting entered the market. Leveraging her esteemed career in Recruitment, alongside a global network of connections, Kylie has rooted her business in a deep understanding of people and the construction lifecycle.

This is a really open and honest chat with Kylie who works tirelessly to help others be successful. She very generously shares huge value and you will get some clear insight into why Kylie is very successful.

We chat about:

  • The approach Kylie has taken since COVID-19 has impacted her business and how she is thinking differently
  • Tips for those whose career has been impacted by the pandemic
  • Key actions if you are considering a career change or progression
  • How Kylie manages her ‘juggle’

This podcast is not only relevant to what we are going through with this pandemic, but for all times of challenge and disruption.


Kylie Jasinski