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Leaning into Good News with Julie Hyde

By August 31, 2022Podcasts

I’m so excited to bring you this special episode as I share some really good news with you all. After 10 months of bad news, I finally got a breakthrough!

If you’ve been listening for a while, you would know about my journey with stage 3 melanoma cancer and the struggles I’ve faced with side effects from the immunotherapy treatment.

It has been an extreme rollercoaster, to say the least.

In this episode, I share the good news that left me fist pumping, cheering, and filled me with great relief – the cancer is no longer active! This means the medication I’m on is working!

I’m a big believer that there are always lessons to be learned in life, and I’m taking this opportunity to encourage you with what I’ve been learning, especially if you’re in the midst of a challenge.

One thing this journey has taught me is to celebrate the moments and make the most of them; big, small, and in between. When you focus on leaning into good news, it increases motivation, amplifies joy, and enables you to stop and be in the moment.

Too often we focus so far forward that we miss out on the opportunity to celebrate. I know now more than ever how important this is.
Another lesson I’m embracing is to lean into the season that I’m in. It’s easy to look at other people’s lives and wish you had that. Whether it be a certain type of freedom, health, location (oh to travel overseas!) and become resentful. Being that way won’t help you. I share how I had to shift my mindset to something that served me – looking at this as a season and seasons change.

So, if you’re facing something challenging right now, whatever it might be, I hope this episode is an encouragement for you to come back to the present moment, lean into good news and celebrate the moments of joy that you do have.

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