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Life is Tough But So Are You – The Power of Journaling with Briony Benjamin

By February 6, 2023Podcasts

I am super pumped to have the gorgeous Briony Benjamin with me who is a keynote speaker, author and storyteller whose viral videos have been viewed by more than two million sets of eyeballs. Her own story went global when she documented her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery in the video You only get one life. This led to her book Life is Tough (But So Are You) and a passionate drive to help individuals face the toughest times of their lives with more ease and less fear.

Briony shares her core passions – fighting for the environment, action on climate change and women in leadership and why she feels hopeful about the future.

There is nothing like the shakeup call of a cancer diagnosis to make sure you are doing what you love with your precious short time on Earth. Briony reveals how her life shifted following her diagnosis and the gift of stopping and reflecting on the present moment.

Briony’s mindset and approach were key to getting her through the toughest days of her life and she shares the core principles that guided her including:

  • Why you don’t have to be positive every minute of the day
  • How some things don’t have to be understood, just accepted
  • Why it’s important to lean on your people when you need them

Finally, Briony shares exciting news about her new project – a journal to accompany her book! Journaling was absolutely critical to her journey and she shares the power of a practice called morning pages, why she journals in the morning and reflects on how this practice is key to some of the world’s most successful leaders. If you’re looking for a new routine, you will be excited to hear about this practice!

We end with a beautiful message from Briony about how important it is to get active, not anxious. Dive in and join us as we explore why and how you are tougher than you may think and all the ways you can start living more fully in the moment with joy and ease.

Resources mentioned:
The Resilience Project
The Lightning Process
Morning Pages

Connect with Briony Benjamin:
Instagram: @briony_benjamin
Book: Life is Tough (But So Are You) / Journal

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Instagram: @juliehydeleads