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Mastering Midlife Transitions with Naomi White

By August 15, 2022Podcasts

With me today is Naomi White, an executive coach and mentor, leadership advisor, culture change expert and wellness advocate based in sunny Brisbane. She has over two decades of experience as a hands on Senior HR and Transformation business executive and advisor to ASX Top 20 CEOs. Naomi has led large, high-performance teams and understands the challenges of leadership.

Naomi’s change philosophy, which I love, is that leaders can’t change their business without first changing themselves. And if it’s not quick, practical, simple and sustainable it’s not worth doing – I couldn’t agree more!

Naomi makes it count by helping people step into their power and hit full velocity, supporting leadership teams make the biggest impact possible impact and is committed to accessing every resource at her disposal to help teams reach their mission.

In this episode, we deep dive into how the last few years of disruption have really asked each and every one of us to sit with themselves and reflect on the things in their life they’re not happy with.

Naomi experienced her own midlife transition recently and shares with us how, when it hit, everything broke at once – her marriage, her career, her family’s health. Despite these challenges, Naomi explains to us how she moved through this time and the gifts she found when all her foundations disappeared at once.

We’re let in on her top three tips for midlife transitions and how these help her support and empower teams and leaders to show up in a different way so that they can have more impact.

This was such an honest and grounding conversation. Naomi’s advice is to follow your heart and follow your joy and you’ll always be on the right path.

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