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New Year Power Boost.

By December 12, 2019January 7th, 2020Articles

Here we are again at the end of another year but this year we’re also at the end of another decade. Wowsers!

It’s interesting reflecting on not only the year but also the decade that was. So much has happened, as I’m sure is the same for you too. It seems to have flown past with lots of ups and downs, bumps and thumps along the way! There’s so much to celebrate with many hard fought successes achieved both personally and professionally, the people I have in my circle of influence and personal circles, my family, my work and the fact I believe I am making a difference. There are of course many things I would’ve liked to have done differently, or better or simply not done at all! There are the roll your eye moments and those times that make your face turn red from embarrassment! But the key thing is, this decade was lived baby and I’m proud about that!

So with the benefit of this reflection and quite a few decades of hindsight, I’m now looking towards my 20’s which we’re heading into very soon. A decade that has a clean canvas, a canvas that you can choose to paint whatever colours you like. You can be defined with your lines, shapes and colour palette or you can be as abstract and carefree as you like.

The fact is this is your decade, you are the artist – what do you choose to create and how do you choose to colour it in?

New Year Power Boost

To assist you in getting 2020 started on the right track and to start colouring your 20’s how you would like to, I have put together my ‘New Year Power Boost’ program.

This is super convenient and super powerful. It’s something you can do from wherever you are and will be done during our quieter time so you’re prepared, in control and ready to hit the ground running when things start getting back to normal next year.

The program consists of 3 sessions done in quick succession:

Session 1 – Creating Your Canvas

In this session we’ll start to create and colour your canvas ensuring it’s focused around your priorities, both personally and professionally to ensure your year is fulfilling and something you will be proud of. We’ll also look at the ‘how’.

Session 2 – Brand You – Mindset & Behaviour

In this session we’ll focus on Brand You – who you need to be to achieve your goals and ensure you are demonstrating the value you can offer to your marketplace/workplace. We focus on your mindset and the key behaviours you need to demonstrate to achieve this.

Session 3 – Managing Your Energy  – Self Care

In this session we’ll look at how you are going to manage your energy. We often focus on managing our time. The simple fact is we can’t ‘manage’ time. Time is what it is, you can’t have more or less of it. What we can do is manage our energy. And how you manage this will determine how your canvas will look and progress in 2020 and over your 20’s.

Sounds awesome right? Here are the finer details:

These sessions will be held in January & February 2020.

How & the Investment
The first individual sessions for the Power Boost have sold out. So I am opening up 5 more places. But be quick to secure your spot!

Individual Session (online) – limited to 5 people – $575 + GST Click here if you’re in

What better way to start of the new year than giving yourself the gift of empowerment and confidence?

I look forward to chatting to you about it.