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Overcoming the Challenges Remote Working Creates for Leaders & Their Team

It’s fair to say the way we work and live has been completely upended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been forced to work from home, forced to lead our teams remotely and forced to deal with challenges this presents, which we’ve never had to deal with before.

This is an unprecedented time for leaders to navigate and one that we’ll be navigating for some time to come.

The questions on many leaders minds right now is:

  • How do you maintain your culture when your team is working from home?
  • How do you support the mental health of your team and keep them engaged?
  • How do you ensure your team is productive when you don’t have a visual?
  • How do you balance the reality of the situation whilst trying to look towards a brighter future?

In this presentation Julie will provide you with some practical tips and tools in response to the above enabling you to get the best from your leadership and your team in challenging times.