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Putting an End to the Hush and Embarrassment of the ‘M’ Word

By May 22, 2023Podcasts

With me today is the fabulous Shelly Horton. Shelly is a journalist, Channel 9 presenter, keynote speaker, emcee, the founder of ShellShocked Media and she is passionate about normalising conversations and education on the topic of perimenopause. You’re in for a treat today as Shelly openly and humorously shares her journey with perimenopause and why she is an out-and-proud peri warrior.

Shelly has been a long-time advocate for women’s health, publicly speaking up to destigmatise topics such as a woman’s choice to be childfree, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), dense breasts, depression and peri/menopause.

She is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Too Good, Pink Hope and HER Mental Health. Shelly is also a member of the International Menopause Society and has way too much going on to let perimenopause get in the way!

With such a lack of education and discussion on the topic of perimenopause, Shelly had no idea what it was until it hit her. In this conversation, Shelly talks about her experience with depression and anxiety and how most of the symptoms of perimenopause can be passed off as something else. This leaves many women feeling isolated, confused, misdiagnosed and often in a terrible state of health.

Shelly shares her advice for women to talk about what they are experiencing and the importance of finding a good GP who has expertise in perimenopause.

We talk about the need to educate all genders about perimenopause, which Shelly is doing alongside Dr Ginni Mansberg through their incredible course, Don’t Sweat It. Given that so many women are in vital positions of leadership, Shelly shares why it’s crucial to implement perimenopause and menopause policies in the workplace. We talk about not just ticking the box, but actually educating and building awareness on what women really go through. This will contribute to retaining women in the workforce.

Shelly is standing up and leading the conversation on this taboo topic, and I know you’re going to really enjoy this episode. I hope it inspires you to take action for your own health and start building awareness in your community so that women’s health is prioritised in the way it should be.



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