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Raving Fans Or Quick Fingers?

By February 26, 2012February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership


Never before has exceptional client service been so important to business success. Roll your eyes at your own peril; this very simple, yet hugely elusive aspect of business can be the difference that makes the difference.

So what is exceptional you may ask??

  • Returning phone calls on time, every time
  • Delivering on promises
  • Showing up for appointments on time
  • Quality products delivered as requested
  • Showing courtesy and making clients feel valued
  • Listening
  • Asking great questions and being curious

It’s about connecting with your clients and understanding them on a deep level, not a surface level.

It is doing all of these things consistently. Not just on a good day when you have full staff or are in a good mood, every day. Day in and day out.

It is commonly known that the big money isn’t in winning clients; it’s keeping them and making them evangelists of your business. You want them raving about your business to all who will listen, verbally and on the social media scene. But you’re not going to get that without exceptional client service.

Every industry is different and clients will have differing expectations. So how do you know what your clients want? Simple! Ask them. Survey them. Call them. They will tell you. Then you can tailor your delivery around their expectations. Ask a broad range of clients so you get a diverse perspective. Different genders, ages and products held and sought will give you differing perspectives. You can then tailor your client service plans and marketing messages to attract the right clients for you.

In this economy, every little bit counts. Your clients are the kings and queens to your cash flow. Treat them accordingly. If you don’t their fingers will be quickly typing an Internet search to find someone else who will.