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Role Modelling the Path For Women to Be the Boss! with Jules Brooke

By July 17, 2023Podcasts

With me today is serial entrepreneur, experienced business owner and super connector, Jules Brooke. We’re talking today about the need for role models and support for young women in corporate environments and how lifting each other up will enable women to have greater levels of influence.

Jules is the founder of She’s the Boss, a group that hosts events to connect women in business and the host of the She’s the Boss podcast and YouTube channel. A PR guru, Jules is also the founder of Handle Your Own PR and is passionate about empowering women and making them more visible in the business world.

In a world where women over 50 appear in less than 4% of media globally, it is crucial to create visibility and role models for women in business. In this conversation, we talk about Jules’ mission to change this narrative, the importance of women supporting women, the challenges faced by women in corporate environments, and the need for women to make themselves more visible.

While progress has been made in gender equality, women still face very real challenges in corporate environments where competition and survival of the fittest is still the norm. We talk about the need to challenge the patriarchal model and promote collaboration and empathy and how this will reshape corporate cultures and create more inclusive and supportive work environments. This will of course lead to increased innovation, better decision making, and improved overall performance.

Jules talks about the need for women to support each other and how a lack of support from other women can stem from a fear of competition and a scarcity mindset. However, when women learn to lift each other up, they empower the next generation to pursue their dreams and overcome any self-doubt or imposter syndrome they may face.

By supporting each other, we’re going to see a much needed increase in the representation of women in leadership positions and a more inclusive and diverse business landscape. I know you’re going to love Jule’s contagious personality and passion that shines through in this conversation today.


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