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Standing In Your Own Spotlight – Elinor Moshe

By June 1, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Thought Leader, Mentor, Author and Podcast Host, Elinor Moshe.

Elinor’s career started when she enrolled into architecture and discovered she was a creative, but not in the conventional sense. ‘I started asking deeper questions as an architect, which led to me the world of construction and I really enjoyed the challenges and complexities of the industry.’ After getting to her career ‘destination,’ Elinor found herself in a place of unfulfillment. ‘I knew I wanted to climb the corporate ladder but I couldn’t tell you why’ says Elinor. Over time Elinor’s confidence had eroded away and she became meek, diminished and dull. But, meeting her mentor Ron changed all that. It has taken a lot of work on her mindset but Elinor says, ‘what gives me ultimate confidence is I know who I am – to the macro and the micro’.

With her new-found confidence, Elinor became an ambitious and driven Thought Leader. However, it has not come without criticism- ‘passive aggressive people can’t stand to see others win’ say Elinor ‘I learnt early on, that I’m very glad to have haters because I know I’m doing something right.’

On a construction site you have to a contingency plan for anything that may go wrong – and this is exactly the same for our careers. ‘On a project we plan for the worst and people aren’t using that same principal-based insight and wisdom in their careers.’ This is why advising and coaching is so necessary.

So, what is Thought Leadership? ‘A Thought Leader is someone who is known for what they know, because what they know makes a difference’ says Elinor. ‘It allows you to scale out as you build your message, your brand and your market based on something you are really passionate about.’ It will attract the right, value aligned people, to your business.

So, as the top Thought Leader in the construction industry what is Elinor’s top advice? ‘The best thing that someone can do for themselves is dig into their heart of hearts and understand – what is it that I want and what is it that I yearn for. The onus is always on the individual to ask – what do I want?’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode with as Elinor Moshe Makes It Count.


Making It Count

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