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Stop Playing a Small Game with Dr Amy Silver

By April 18, 2022May 5th, 2022Podcasts

My guest on the podcast today is Dr Amy Silver, a psychologist, speaker, author and media commentator on the management of our emotions for high performance. We’re discussing the role fear plays in our lives and how you can change your relationship with fear to stop playing a small game.

Amy’s newest best selling book ‘The Loudest Guest: How to control and change your relationship with fear’ provides six essential steps to calm your fear so you can stay in control and live your best life.

Amy has spent 3 decades as a psychologist developing content on how fear restricts us and safety expands us. She has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychiatry, Masters in Performance, Bachelor with Honours in Psychology and further therapeutic training in cognitive therapies such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Compassion Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Fear is something we all have in common. We all experience fear and how this limits us depends on the relationship we have with fear. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What led Amy to specialising in fear and its impact on people.
  • How fear limits us and prevents us from taking action.
  • How to negotiate with fear and choose to live.
  • Why we shouldn’t aim to be ‘fear-less’
  • Moving through courage despite or alongside the fear.
  • Tips to reframe, move through and make fear work for us.
  • How Amy makes it count by making her relationship with fear deliberate.

I’m so grateful to have Amy on the show today to share her expertise and I know you’ll feel motivated and confident to take control, create a new relationship with your fear and play a bigger game.

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