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Swapping Stilettos for Snow Boots and Leading the Way for Climate Change

By July 11, 2023Podcasts

With me today is the incredible Liz Courtney, an award-winning environmental filmmaker, climate change communicator, global multimedia platform leader and social entrepreneur.

For more than a decade, Liz has built a global multimedia platform to educate and mobilise online communities for social and environmental change. A passionate storyteller, Liz uses her 20 plus years of experience in brand strategy and communication to lead the narrative on social change in the climate sector with innovation, digital, and experiential content to inform communities, government, and policy planning on long-term solutions in high risk regions.

Liz has been awarded 100 Women of Influence, inducted into the Australian Business Women’s Hall of Fame, and in 2018, she delivered her first TEDx Talk on Lateral Thinking for Climate Solutions. She now sits on boards for Women for Change, the National Foundation for Australian Women and Youth4Planet. And that’s just the start of what Liz has accomplished so far.

In this conversation, we explore Liz’s career path which saw her trading in stilettos for snow boots to follow her passion for filmmaking. She also shares how her experience in brand strategy and communication has propelled her to the forefront of the climate sector, leading the charge in creating narratives that inspire social change.

We delve into the heart of behavioural changes for sustainable living, and Liz reveals her family’s unique experiments with sustainable living. From a ‘quiet week’ sans music to ‘eating the fridge,’ she emphasises the lasting impact of small lifestyle changes, inspiring each of us to play our part. We also discuss the pressing issue of food waste on a global scale, exploring innovative ways to repurpose waste as a resource and create a closed-loop system that ultimately eliminates waste.

Finally, we take a hard look at the growing instability of our climate system and how it’s affecting communities worldwide. Liz talks about the harsh reality of communities from the Arctic to Africa who are grappling with the repercussions of climate change, underlining the urgency of taking action now and reflecting on the role we play in our planet’s health. We talk about the human brain’s response to visible changes and how today’s generation has the power to make a lasting impact and so much more.

This is an important conversation not to be missed and one I’m sure will inspire us all to be more mindful of our actions and their effects on our planet.


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