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Tapping into Your Intuition – Craigh Wilson

By December 7, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Founder, Director, Mentor, Speaker, and Author of ‘Intuitive’, Craigh Wilson. He joins us to share how we can access and tap into our intuition to become better leaders.

Craigh was always been intuitive, even from a very young age and shares his gift for telepathy. A few years into his successful career he was burn-out. He made a switch to medical intuition and started to share his gift of energy work with others. Now, he now works with high-performance people, predominantly women, to teach them how to listen to their heart and gut so they can make powerful decisions.

So, what does intuition really mean? ‘Intuition is a knowing without logical reason’ says Craigh. ‘70% of the most successful human beings use intuition – they are either aware of it, or not aware of it.’ The reason we ignore intuition is usually because of fear, sadness and lack of self-worth. ‘I work with a lot of people who have high-performance anxiety’ says Craigh, ‘but, knowing makes no difference – it’s the action you take.’

‘It’s about combining your intuition, with your intellect, to access your inner-genius’ say Craigh. To be able to make clear, fast and accurate decisions on demand, is to know how to get out of fear.’ Courage is required to follow through on your decisions. We also need the support of a like-minded network. ‘We need to learn to listen to respond, rather than reacting to fear.’

‘You need to slow down to go fast’ says Craigh, ‘because that is where all the special insights come from.’ So, as leaders, we need to slow down, become grounded and centred. This is the key. ‘Intuition becomes more tangible as you use it and trust it more.’ says Craigh.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Craigh Wilson Makes It Count.


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