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The Energy Exchange.

By February 28, 2015February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

Energy“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” ~ Brian Tracy

To be really honest with you, I struggled to write my blog today. I am feeling drained, tired and would prefer to curl up in a ball and go to sleep rather than write this. BUT, business leaders generally don’t have that luxury and I’m no different.

During my early banking days it was drummed into me that any money exchange must balance. If you give something out you must get something in return that balances the books. In a highly compliant environment it was imperative that the books balanced or we had to stay back at night until the error was found! So we paid attention and did the best we could to ensure the exchange balanced.

Our energy levels are no different.

If you have a think about the amount of energy you expend each day. The energy you put into your staff, clients, business, career, negotiations, putting out fires, influencing outcomes, legal issues, trouble shooting and the list could go on. Then home you come to your family and then no doubt you are back on your Smartphone once again.

This scenario paints the picture of a debit energy exchange.

How have you replenished the energy you have expended?

In order to navigate the chaos that is our business life and manage our normal state of busy, we simply must ensure the energy exchange is balancing. It may be slightly negative for days, but it’s important it’s brought back into line.

For business leaders to create the results they aspire to, for them to be the best version of themselves they can be, for them to operate in an effective and efficient space, to innovate and empower, they must invest into their energy levels – often.

How do you do this?

It’s about knowing where you get your energy.

It’s about stopping, breathing and realigning with your vision.

It about converting the motivation you have by being so connected to your vision to momentum to propel you forward.

It’s about fuelling that momentum by investing into it and doing what will fill your energy cup back to the brim – balancing that energy exchange. For some it’s exercise, for others it’s resting, couch time, reading, walking, gardening, getting 8 hours sleep a night or eating clean meals. It could be simply taking yourself to a café for an hour, turning off the phone and allowing yourself time to think.

It’s about giving yourself permission to be ‘selfish’ for a small period and do what will give you back your energy.

Make no mistake; we are in a race, the race to business success. The winners will be the ones who can make it to the finish line with the energy to refuel, get up and do it all again. For that you need a successful energy habit.