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The Feeling of Not Being Good Enough and How You Can Turn it Around with Rebecca Christianson

By June 12, 2023Podcasts

My guest for this episode is Rebecca Christianson who is the Founder and Director of Thriving People Consulting, focusing on executive coaching, strategic people & culture management consulting, leadership facilitation and keynote speaking.

We’re talking today about the feeling of not being good enough, the impact this has on leaders in the workplace and what we can do to turn it around.

With a background in psychology, Rebecca is passionate about coaching leaders to embrace the highs and lows at the top. She partners with Executive teams to drive cultural change, build leadership capability, and organisational transformation and brings a global perspective, having worked and consulted across the globe.

One of Rebecca’s superpowers is stretching senior leaders to the edge of their thinking to support mindset shifts in areas where they are stuck, which is exactly what we are talking about today, specifically in the area of feeling not good enough.

In this conversation, Rebecca shares how feeling inadequate played out in her life from a young age, causing her to strive for validation and recognition in the workplace. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she needed to change the way she was operating and she talks about the process she went through to establish new patterns of behaviour that served her in a more positive way.

We discuss how many leaders carry the feeling that they aren’t good enough and Rebecca shares four practical tips that we can implement today to help reduce the impact. Rebecca talks about the power of meditation and mindfulness practice and how this helps not only calm our minds but also helps us observe automatic negative thoughts so that we can reframe them.

Rebecca also recommends journaling to get our thoughts out on paper and recognise what situations trigger us to feel certain ways. She also talks about the power of implementing a daily reflective practice to focus on the things that we are doing well.

If you have days, weeks or entire seasons when you feel inadequate, know that you are not alone. There are times when we all feel this way. I hope you find this episode really helpful in understanding how you can move forward to build a greater sense of confidence in your life and in the workplace.


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